Bengal Cat Breeder – Ashmiyah Bengals – Adelaide – South Australia



Ashmiyah Bengals 

Ashmiyah Bengals is a small in-home hobby breeding program, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We have a high focus on cat quality and health. Over the last eight years we have built a niche program using unrelated pedigrees of the highest caliber.  This ensures we have locked in and maintain the Bengal cats best possible features and traits.

When you open your heart and home to one of our kittens, you can be sure our hard work, research and dedication to the breed, will be worth it!


World Class Kittens

If you are looking for a Bengal with that breathtaking WOW factor look and a loving temperament, then we may have the right Bengal for you!

Our Kittens are raised indoors, underfoot and are given an abundance of attention from day one.

‘My office is within my home, this means the kittens are always nearby and never go unattended.’


 Bengal Cat Breeder – Interview – Totally Wild

The team from Chanel 10s Totally Wild TV Show scouted out our Bengal Cats and asked to film a segment on them. Here’s the final production & an insight into living with Bengals.


Pedigreed registered Bengal Cats & Kittens


FASA - The Feline Association of South Australia

GCCFSA – The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia

We’re a registered Bengal cat Breeder under the breeding Prefix of Ashmiyah Bengals with the above Cat Fancy Associations.

Each of our Bengal cats are individually registered in our names with the above Cat Associations.