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We’re dedicated, registered breeders of the superb Brown Rosetted Bengal.  Our kittens are available to loving pet homes, cat enthusiasts who love Showing, and, the occasional breeding program of fellow Bengal breeders who share a like minded vision for the advancement of the breed.

In 2009 we decided to concentrate solely on breeding the brown colour variants of the breed. We cover the rich Reds, dark Goldens, pale Goldens and Sorrels, with the occasional  cool Brown.  If you’re looking for a Silver, Charcoal or Snow Bengal, give us a call and we’ll be able to recommend a reputable breeder who studies these genetics.

blue-wave-dividerKitten Care

Ashmiyah Bengals is a small in-home hobby breeding program, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We have a high focus on cat quality and health. Breeding Bengal kittens isn’t really an easy task if done in the best interest of the breed.  There’s an encyclopedia of Genetics to study and learn. Research into pedigree lines for sound health and dominant traits, and this is all before kittens are even planned.  

Bengal CatWhen you open your heart and home to one of our kittens, you can be sure our hard work, research and dedication to the breed, will be worth it!

If you’re looking for a Bengal with that breathtaking WOW factor look and a loving temperament, then we might have the right Bengal Cat for you!

Our Kittens are raised indoors, underfoot and are given an abundance of attention from day one.

‘My office is within my home, this means the kittens are always nearby and never go unattended during the months when they need attention the most.’

There’s a lot for them to learn.  By the time they leave my home and join yours, they’re confident, well adjusted, playful furkids of pure fun.

blue-wave-dividerRegistered Bengal Cat Breeder

Ashmiyah Bengals are duel registered with both South Australian Cat Councils, FASA & GCCFSA.  We’re also a fully registered cattery with TICA, The International Cat Association, plus we’re approved members of the Bengals Illustrated Reputable Breeders Program.

Cat Registration Councils

Fully Health Tested Pedigree Lines

  • HCM:  Regularly screened pedigree lines with multiple generations of clear results.
  • PK-Deficiency:  All cats have tested DNA Negative.  We have no carriers of this gene.
  • PRA-B:  All cats Have tested DNA Negative.  We have no carriers of this gene.

A health tested cattery crates a thriving environment for kittens

blue-wave-dividerBreeding for 2016

In 2014 & 2015 we successfully bred and locked into our pedigree lines some of the most difficult traits of the breed.  Some of these Bengal cats have been retained for our breeding program to take the kittens we produce to the next level of quality. Others are loving life in their new pet homes.  With this quality line up, we’re excited for the kittens we’ll produce for 2016.


Ashmiyah Indian Summer

Bengal Cat - Brown Rosetted



Introducing: Ashmiyah First EditionBengal Kitten - Brown Rosetted


Introducing: Ashmiyah Pure Sensation

Bengal Cat


Introducing: Ashmiyah Sundaze Jewel

Bengal Cat


Introducing: Ashmiyah Gypsy Express



Introducing: Ashmiyah Keko


Bengal Kitten - Brown Rosetted