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Welcome to our Bengal Studs section

We currently have two boys working within our program. Ashmiyah Hez Got Attitude, who we call Dude. And Ashmiyah Bengals Ajays Sundaze Express.

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Ashmiyah Hez Got Attitude – Dude

Our cheeky homebred boy.  He was born and raised at Ashmiyah Bengals.  Its been fantastic to watch him grow from a kitten to adulthood.  We had a good vision of what features and traits he would add to our breeding program and from the time he was twelve weeks old, we were searching Australia for Out-Crossed (genetically unrelated) females to compliment him.  We first found Mitz and the pair were raised and attended a number of Cat Shows together.  Then we found Remi & Frutti.  Dude and his small harem of Bengal females are doing us proud by producing, healthy, top quality Bengal kittens with sound genetic gene pools behind them.

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Ashmiyah Bengals Ajays Sundaze Express - Cheeto

After a solid two years of searching the country for a young Bengal Stud to compliment our girls and excel our Golden Bengal Program, we found Cheeto.  He’s a lovely natured boy with stunning rosettes, an hour-glassed whited tummy, strong boning and excellent Bengal Type.  We’re very proud to have him join our team!

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We’re a Health Conscious Closed Stud Cattery

For the health & safety of every Bengal Cat at Ashmiyah Bengals, we have always been and will always remain a tightly run CLOSE STUD CATTERY.  This means we do not accept girls from other catteries to temporarily join our home for Stud Services, unless they have been fully Vet health tested for a number of conditions via our personal standard..  You’ll also note that our girls are serviced by our own Stud boys.

The Health & Safety of our Bengal Cats & kittens is our number one priority within our breeding program.

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